Eliminating Drawing Canvas

February 22, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**
Requirements: Microsoft Word 2003


As default, MS Word set drawing canvas when a first shape be created. If it is also annoying to you, you can disable this at startup. Just follow this steps:

1. Open MS Word.

2. Go to View, select Toolbar and check Drawing. Or you can right click in the standard toolbar and select Drawing toolbar.

3. Now select the rectangle tool.

You will notice that a box is already created with “Create your drawing here” caption. This is very annoying

when you are working with shapes. So let us eliminate this. Follow me guys…


4. Now go to Tool select Options. Or Alt + T + O.

5. Go to General tab and uncheked ‘Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting Autoshapes’ and press Ok.


So long, net lovers!


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