Virus Awareness

February 22, 2008

Remember that virus is very dangerous. It start from a small file and spread out in your systems. I compiled some of articles that I have read from the Internet as I fight this nasty pest in our server. Let me share it to you.

Things to avoid in fighting with virus:

1. Known what kind of virus is intact with your system. Visit wikipedia.org for more information.
2. When surfing the net, do not click any advertisement or the one you see in the top, left, right and the bottom of the page that entertains you with a simple slideshow or animation. Mostly web advertisements are spywares and adwares.

Spywares are type of virus that is has the power to install itself to your system without the knowledge of the user. When it has been installed, it can control our system activties such as windows interface and even booting. This is the very dangerous virus I have encountered before so that be wise and be careful.

Adwares are viruses that intact with the advertisements on the web. Once click it will enter to your system as a cookie or internet history in the System’s Temp Folder.

3. Use anti spyware softwares such as AVG, Norton, Symantec, Nod32, Trendmicro, PANDA, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Spyware Doctor and many many more. But before using any of this anti spyware be sure that the product is tested, in the list of the top 10 computer anti virus softwares use in the market worldwide.

4. Read some of internet articles like in wikipedia about viruses, malware and spywares and also their counterpart, the anti virus softwares.

5. When you see the virus, do not delete directly or even attempt to open it. If it is a worm virus it will become a trojan that will spread out when click. Let the anti virus do that thing for you.

Worm virus are a small viruses that is common to folders or directories. A worm can spread itself to other computers without needing to be transferred as part of a host. You will notice that the virus is a worm virus when you see that the folder has the .exe extension. It means that the folder is not a folder but a executable application.

Trojan virus are viruses that appears harmless when no contact is in. The only difference is trojan horses are more dangerous virus that worms. Because once click it can control your whole system like spyware until it will corrupt your files. When the app has been click, it will spread in the sub directories of the disk until it will become numerous.

6. When choosing anti virus or anti spyware, make sure you know the difference of capabilities of the software. Remember that anti virus can only detect a virus it the virus is registered or programmed in that software. Else it will not be detected. Some old viruses are not been detected by some trusted anti virus because of this mistaken article. Try and use professional editions for more safety and security.

7. Tracking Cookie are adware virus.Delete this cookies as soon as possible.

8. Always clear your internet history for better security. It is better to re-enter your personal information like username and password than to suffer in adwares viruses.

9. Some virus is carried by removable medium such as: USB drives and floppy disk. Make sure that a antivirus is installed first before you insert this medium. Because not all medium-carried virus is worms. It may be a spyware, adware or trojan depending where it come from.

10. Filesharing services such as Limewire, Bearshare, KCEasy and other P2P services is common softwares who is open with a lot of viruses. Some of known virus is trojan. Once you search it will copies the filename you are searching for and then create a file with a default virus settings. Once downloaded, it will be unable to be played. This is common to audio files. Filesharing service commonly has a variety of viruses is intact with pornsites and sex scandal videos. Don’t attempt to download or open this sites.

11. Internet also provides some free serials. These site is used to pirate the original copy of the software mostly expensive softwares. But some is working copied really form the original. But mostly is invented by a stupid person only mostly hackers. But attention, do not attempt to enter this sites. This site is exposed with pornography and viruses.

12. Some viruses is made accidently but most is programmed to damage the computer by deleting files, controllin g the system even formatting your hard disk. Others are not designed to do any damage, but simply replicate themselves and perhaps make their presence known by presenting text, video, or audio messages. Even these benign viruses can create problems for the computer user. They typically take up computer memory used by legitimate programs. As a result, they often cause erratic behavior and can result in system crashes. In addition, many viruses are bug-ridden, and these bugs may lead to system crashes and data loss.

So long, net lovers!



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  1. Wow! a great article about computer viruses . Our computer system must have good anti virus software to protect against these viruses .


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