Searching Hidden documents

February 23, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**
Requirements: Windows XP

I have an experience before that I have lost the 5GB of music files in our PC.

In your Windows Explorer

1. Click Search button or just press Ctrl + F (‘find’ in older version)
2. Click All files and folders
3. Click More advanced options.
4. Check hidden files and folders
5. Type what you want to find.

Hide documents represents a document with 50% image opacity.
To unhide your documents.

1. Right-click on the file chosen.
2. Select Properties.
3. Uncheck ‘HIDE’ then press APPLY or OK.

To show your document permanently, follow this steps:

1. Go to MS Explorer. Open My Computer or My Documents.

2. In the Menu bar, select Tools and then Folder Options.

3. Select View Tab proceed to advanced settings.

4. Click show hidden files and press Ok.

So long, net lovers!


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