Font Installation

April 10, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**

Font is the main text style of every computer systems. Inable to view some information in a certain system, it is fundamental that fonts is installed already. To install fonts, follow the proceeding instructions.

1. Go to Start Menu, then press Run.

2. Type FONTS. (The List of all system fonts folder will appear. Commonly located at C:/Windows/Fonts)

3. Now, Locate your fonts. If it is on a compact disc, insert it first.

4. Find the directory/folder of fonts you want to install.

5. When fonts has been locate, press Ctrl + A (Select All) then Drag all the fonts in the System Fonts folder.

Now you will notice that the font automatically installed itself when drag upon the System Fonts folder. When your computer is reformatted, commonly you will be prompt that the font you want to install is already installed. To install it, first remove the old version. Actually, you will no longer need to remove the previous font installed. Just drag and drag and press Ok until in finished its installation. Done when 100% has been reached…

So long, net lovers!


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