No Sound after reformat, Why?

April 10, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Advance***

Requirements: WIndows XP SP2/SP3

Commonly, Sound System is the most common problem of computer business holders after reformatting the PC. After the installation of your Sound Card Driver, there’s more… Now I tell you how?

1. Install first your Sound Driver. I may not post the Sound Driver installation procedure because there is no popular sound driver use in the market. It depends on the producer.

2. When installed, Restart your computer.

3. Are you on desktop again? If yes, right click on My Computer Icon select Properties.


4. Go to Hardware Tab then press Device Manager.

You will notice that a list of hardware connected in your system is represented by a icon. And automatically, computer generates a question mark icon for those hardware not currently updated.


5. Now click System Devices, find the computer icon with question or exclamation point.

6. Right-click then press Update Driver.


7. Follow the proceeding steps until finished!


” That’s it. Restart your PC and look if there’s already a sound. ”

So long, net lovers!



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  1. Hey I Have A sound Problem And it is my Pci Device… Updating Doesnt work and idk wut to do please help me, my computer is a hp m7070n


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