Can’t connect to other websites

July 2, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Advance***
Requirements: Internet Browser , Command prompt and make sure Run command is visible in Start Menu

Last week, I was so deeply baptrip about our Internet Connection. Because it can connect to some popular sites like Youtube, Google and Gmail but when you search or login on that site, just a white screen displayed in front of you. And also can’t connect to other links in the next 5 seconds of browsing. The site will be only displayed if you set it as your homepage in your Browser Settings/Options at Internet StartUp. Grrr…

If you have encounter something like this, here’s what you gonna do…

  • Check if all the settings of your browser is in default settings. If you are using firefox, make sure that TSL and SSL are checked. Located at Tools -> Options -> Advance -> Encryption.


  • Clear your all private data, test this problem to other browser and restart your browser.


  • If all settings are correct and still have the problem, reinstall your browser. Contact your ISP or Administrator for assistance.
  • After the browser successfully reinstalled, check. If still the problem is in, using the PING command.


  • Go to Start Menu -> Run -> Type PING then press Enter or click Ok. Check for results contact your ISP for more assistance.ping
  • If you try to PING th rice, but the black screen disappear, sad to say but you need to reinstall your Operating System. We assure you 100% guarantee to back your Internet Activity came normal again. It means that your OS is not updated to the latest version.

So long, net lovers!



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