Oh! My… Where is my floppy disk?

September 5, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Advance***
Requirement: Knowledge in System BIOS Settings

It’s tuesday evening, I decided that I must go to bed because of a tired body and very busy day, when a customer knock and knock in our gate outside. They need urgent to me for their resume. So I welcome them, and let them sit beside me. When they get the files in stored their pc, they lend me their floppy disk. Well, it does’nt matter. But the big problem is, My floppy’s icon had lost. I check the other pc and it has floppy icon even it has no floppy installed in the system. Just the icon huh! So, I am unable to assist them for their projects. Because I am very sleepy,  I just work with it the next next day.

I remembered that BIOS has a set of settings that can be enabled or disabled when a pc problems occured in the system. WHen I restart the pc, I made this problem fix! Hurray!…

  1. At first, I analyzed what the problem: Problem is – I lost my floppy!
  2. I restart my pc and press the delete key upon entrance to the BIOS features.
  3. In the BIOS environment, I select Standard CMOS Settings.
  4. And I found out that the Drive A: (mostly the floppy disk) denotes a None property.
  5. I press Enter and select 1.44mb, 3.5 IN file and restart my pc.
  6. I press Esc and press Y to Save my current settings and exit.
  7. FInally it works!!!

Take not their are no actual image of exact procedure to go to BIOS features because, these data’s and settings are so sensitive so you need to become an expert first before you make various settings. Or else your system will crash.

Also, BIOS features has a lot of brands so the environment is not the same with which I use.

Note: This settings is based on the BIOS settings supported by your motherboard. Delete key will not be always activated unless supported. For other boards, they support F8 or F2 commands.

So long, net lovers!


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