Help Me… Photoshop Text Change.

September 9, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**
Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

1. Error Message:

2. Text is missing…

3. Solution: You will need to install the missing font.

4. Go to Start menu -> Run

5. Type fonts.

6. Locate the file of your text font and paste it in the system fonts folder.

7. Close your project and open it again once fonts has been successfully installed.


Most of the time, this error comes to all PC secured and installed by the so called Deep Freeze. Because, Any settings that you create once it was frozen is no effect upon restarting your pc. So, keep in mind that you must thawed your Deep Freeze before you install font .

Not familiar with Deep Freeze? Click here to know more…

Another reason is “FONT IS NOT INSTALLED” on the other PC you are using.

You made the designs etc., and then inserted your flash drive to other PC and then you notice that text change but the font name is still intact on your document. For this situation, it is advisable to copy the font name to your flash drive or download the name of the font in your trusted search engine websites and install it! For more detailed info about the installation procedure,  proceed here.

So long, net lovers!


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