Use MS Paint to upload picture more faster

October 10, 2011

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**
Requirements: Windows XP with Microsoft Paint

Digital is all around. You can have it anywhere & take it everywhere. And it grow so fast! Like the evolution of digital cameras. Nowadays we have different kinds of high quality camera that brings high quality outputs.

But do you know that, the higher the image resolution, the slower it loads! Yes, because it depends on the specifications of PC. If you support a LCD with a high resolution graphics it so clear in viewing but if you have only 128mb in  your RAM, it really embarrassing to load it because it so slow. This situation is for the PC. But most of the time, it is much slower online, depending on your connection.

So what’s the point! The point is high resolution graphics need to be resize for uploading purpose. Resizing means decreasing its pixels and file size which gives us better viewing results. Uploading means to take some files from your PC and pass it to the Internet. The main point is we need to re size photos for better and faster uploading of pictures to the Internet. We need a software to re size it! MS Paint is the best choice!

Why? MS Paint is the basic, handy tool for newbies. You can paint whatever do you want like how we draw in real life. But do you know that you can use MS Paint in variety of advance ways such as Print Screen Outputs, Cropping a certain photo and lastly Resizing Images. Because we are talking of advance techniques, let us give you the shortcut keys instead.

For XP Users only,

1. Go to Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Paint or Start Menu, Run type mspaint or create a shortcut of your own and place it to your Desktop or Quick Launch in your Task Bar.

2. Ctrl + O to Open a Picture. Find the location of the picture and click Open.

Before we proceed to the next step, we must consider the pictures size. In my sample file, I loaded the businessman.jpg to MS Paint with a 6.4mb of file size. I downloaded the file in less than a minute  I think. If you are going to upload it to the Internet, less than a minute is a little bit slow. A little bit annoying for faster connections like DSL. So not let’s resize it!

3.  Now press Ctrl W. Oops! Be careful! Ctrl  + W in windows explorer means close the active title bar application. It will close other application if you are not in MS Paint. So, click the Title Bar and then press Ctrl + W.

4. This will load the Stretch and Skew Form. Set both the horizontal and vertical text box of stretch to 50 and press Enter.

5. Now observe the difference

This is the file size. Look at your images. It looks like there’s nothing happens. Dimensions still the same, file size are not. Now you can upload faster because it a KB file not a MB file.

But dont forget to save it before you upload it! CTRL + S!

Actually you can do it in Photoshop also. But one great thing in paint, it is fast loading application. When you click it, it opens immediately. No need of waiting. Photoshop loads a lot of stuffs before you get the main environment of the application. But these principles are the same in Photoshop image size command.

So long, net lovers!




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