Keyboard not functioning? Quick solution

January 1, 2012

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**

Requirements: Windows XP

Have you ever experience that your keyboard is not functioning anymore. You go to websites forum looking for solution, you reseat the keyboard plugs and get some advices thru technician. But, the problem is still there.

Before you get totally embarrased, think of ways what is the last options. All problems have the last option. And most of the time, that option is the best solution. Give a try. Here’s mine…

Are you familiar with the On-screen keyboard. In my child-hood days in computer, I spend most of time exploring my computer even I have no Internet yet. In those days, I only have Pentium 2 with 128mb enough to play Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge. And that time, I discover this cool trick! THE ONSCREEN KEYBOARD.

To view the on screen keyboard, go to your Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Accessibility and there it is… The On-screen keyboard. Using mouse. Just click the letter that you need. Dont worry, even the hold key’s are still functioning in On screen keyboard using a simple click.

Remember fella’s, before you get the advance ways make sure that you try the simple way first. Because most of the time, you just forgot the basic that’s why, you cannot get the sequence of advance procedures.

As a quick comment, you will notice that this topic is intermediate. Intermediate because most of us, dont explore most of the syste often. Their are not familiar about the Windows Start Menu and Explorer. Just the basics.  Only intermediate users can access it, because they have the ENOUGH knowledge to access it,because they know the benefits of using it.

So long, net lovers!


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