Using Excel to arrange columns before pasting to MS Word

January 31, 2012

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**

I remember one time, I was playing my favorite game. And then, one one my customer want’s to be assist. I offer my help by controlling his assignment via network. That time, I learn that he is searching for constellations. He went to Google.com and look for constellations. He was satisfied to Wikepedia’s outputs because of its detailed content.

Now as I copy and paste it’s content in MS Word, I notice was wrong. All this contents will not fit it’s whole content even in landscape and in legal size paper.

I analyze this problem and this gives me the idea about MS Excel. Yeah! MS Excel! Because all this contents are using table, table are more manageable in MS Excel. So if you paste the copied contents from the website to excel, you can easily arrange it more better.

Here’s the  sample!

After pasting the content into Excel’s workspace, just drag the column headers (sky blue lines to the right letter by letter ) to meet the proper arrangement of the table like this…

When everything is done, open your MS Word document and paste it! Use the landscape orientation to fit the whole table.

So long, net lovers!



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