Email Unsubcribed

July 21, 2012

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**

When I was new in the IT World, I notice that when I’m registering to a particular website, they offer you if you wanted them to give feedbacks of what was happening and what are you doing to their sites. For example, all my social networking activities in Facebook are recorded to my gmail account; All my gaming activities and news about the game are transferred to my gmail account. In short, once you sign  up to a specific website whatever the contents are, they wanted to give thanks to you by continuing to send you newsletters, latest news and updates.

Well, this is good for those businessman who wants to have daily updates to all the connections they have with their associates, but how about us, simple user that just want to learn more. Sometimes registering to many sites are not fun thing  to deal with because they are just an annoying thing to your inbox in your email. Thousand of unread subscription are listed to your inbox and you have difficulty to find the files you needed for revision or download.

So, if you want to be organized in all your Internet activities, you need to Unsubcribe to Email Updates. Unsubcribe links are just in the bottom part of the email send to you by the website. To this, you need to know how unsubcription works.


To know how unsubcription works, you need to know the different types to unsubcribe to a particular website.

Click and Done – Click the unsubcribe link and there you have it!

Click and Follow – Some websites really want to find out if you really want to unsubcribe to their emails. In order to do so, you need to follow some instructions after you click the unsubcription link provided by the site.

..for this example, you need to click unsubcribe. After you do so, another new page will appear and tells you that…

After you know the types of unsubcription, you also need to know how to do it!


1. Open your trusted email service e.g yahoo.com or google.com

2. Look to your inbox and select the website you want to unsubcribed.

3. Open the email included of that website. Proceed to the bottom of the page and find the unsubcribe link (like the example above).

4. Now you will never be notified anymore by the website in your email. I love being organized…


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