2 different facebook open in two different browsers

September 13, 2013

Requirements: Google Chrome and Firefox already installed TOPIC LEVEL: Beginner/Simple ***

Are you having a hard time logging out your account over and over again because you need to open other accounts. This is so hazzle even though you have a great internet connection. I usually download and install at least 2-3 browsers in my system so that I can compare the compatibility issues of software, network and internet connection. Most of the time, other users of this PC need to open their document online or from facebook account to download, print and edit it. So I observed, that this kind of thing is very annoying. Because everytime I use the Internet, I always open my facebook account using Google Chrome. As a solutions for the said problem, I found out that I can use two different browsers and open it at the same time or use other accounts to open it. While my facebook is open in minimized window in Google Chrome, the other user can open his/her account in facebook simultaneously in firefox, without affecting my opened account.

2 accounts one upload

So long, net lovers!


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