reduce photoshop filesize by hiding contents

September 13, 2013

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop (any versions)
TOPIC LEVEL: Beginner*

Here’s a quick tip for Photoshop lovers to reduce photoshop file size.

Do you know that you can reduce the filesize of PSD file by hiding its contents.

Hiding means clicking the eye button and display a transparent or white background after the photoshop loads the file.

Here’s the trick:

1. Open up the folder of your chosen source of photoshop file

open psd 01

You will notice that the original file size is 16.4 mb. Click the file and press Open.

2. Now that the file is open, go to Window -> Layers.

open psd 02

3. You will notice an eye button beside the layer’s name. Just click all the eyes including background layer. You file must be look like this.

open psd 03

4. Save the file by pressing Ctrl + S.

5. Go back where the file is located, and mouseover and look for the file size. It changes to 11.9mb.

open psd 04

This is trick is great for those who having a hard time opening files in photoshop because of system requirements and also for those who just want to be wise and get more disk space as possible.

Goodluck and so long Net lovers!


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