How to run Android Games to my PC

September 14, 2013

Requirements: Bluestacks (Android Emulator), Android Game Link, Google Account, Facebook Account
TOPIC LEVEL: Advance***

One time, I am browsing my facebook, one my FB friend post “I desperately want to view play “4 PICS, 1 WORD ON MY PC”. As I thought of this matter, I found out that most of the techies out there having a nice time playing with the android games from their ipod, tablet and other mobile-based gadgets. But is it possible to play it on my PC. I think for that for a moment, and I thought “That’s right!” Most of the gadgets out there before the “TOUCH SCREEN” technology has emulator versions on every pc. There must be an Android Emulator for PC.

For the purpose of summarizing the contents of these tutorial, there are several instructions that the following websites has to be sustain. Please bear in mind in order to be successful to run the game, you must patiently follow their instructions as long as mine. Goodluck

Ok let’s start!

I provided the game link. I want to download the 4 PICS, 1 WORD ON MY PC.


1. Login to your facebook and gmail account all at once and follow all instructions on the provided game link above. (Read carefully and be patient)

2. After that, check your system requirements / specs. Make sure it is the same page as provided here.


According to this site, there is no pre-requisite on running it in Windows 7.

Below is the [UPDATED] BlueStacks download link. Download Now!

3. Download Bluestacks. use IDM/FDM (Free Download Manager) for faster downloads.

4. Open Bluestacks. Click the Bluestacks Thin installer. Those two application are the game itself after download to the provided website above.

bluestacks installer

5. Wait for the installation to finish. Be patient because installing takes time for the full installer source is in the net.

6. After the full downloads and installation, you are required to turn on required settings. The One time setup form will take you smoothly on the process. Click Continue.

one time setup

7. Click Next to Setup your Google Account. If you have one, Sign it to finish the setup in less time.

android_add google account

8. You will re-directed after this forms.


9. The form will display the Sync is complete. Click Finish Setup

Take note that you need to Sync (What’s on the Server/App Store, Be on your Server/Desktop) files together so that everytime you need a new game or app, It’s just a one or two clicks access. Faster than a lot of log-ins.


10. Next we need to Sync it to Phone/Device (if available).

android_one time setup 02

android_1 click sync desktop to internet

android_fetching device link

11. After this processes, the Google will redirect you to the App Store Server and click Let’s go. Choose you mobile Device and There you have it! Play anytime and any games available!

Here is the sample of their top charts

android _top charts

Here is the sample of my installed apps.

android _bluestacks menu

How to installed games and apps?

To installed apps and games, follow this instructions.

1. Click the Search icon at the top center of the screen.

android in pc steps - installation 01

2. Type what apps you want to search. For example 4PICS ONE WORD. The site automatically search for the app and when available mouseover then click install or sync it to your device.

android in pc steps - installation 02 search

android in pc steps - installation 03 search for game

android in pc steps - installation 04 click the game you want to add and isnstall it

3. And then click, number one. Number two is the logo of Amazon.com and 3 is the android store. Number  One is free download. Wait for download to finish.

android in pc steps - installation 05 search app stores - choose no 1 may 2-3 are not for free

android in pc steps - installation 07 downloading the faster the connection, the faster the download

3. You will be re-directed to menu when download is finished. It will look like this.

android in pc steps - installed ready to play

4. Finally, We can now run and play the game!


Hopefully, the set of instructions given above are well understood.

Goodluck, and so long Net lovers!


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