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Dark Scan Image? It can be made white using Twain device

October 30, 2013

Requirements: Printer that supports scan, Adobe Photoshop any version

In my experience as  IT and Layout Artist, I usually scan image to edit, retouch, restore it and make it became useful again specially photo. For documents, I usually just scaned it and email to respective persons that needed the file. But most of the time, as I scan it, I notice that the printer scanner usually brings on a light grey background for a black text and white background image scanned in the scanner. Why the heck it happens?

It happens when if the printer scanner supports a capability where the scanner trace not only the picture but its background. Hmmm… sounds good but not all the time. What if I need to remove speckles included in the image and the image is too gray to do it! It’s a total mess! Grrrr..

gray one

So here’s the solution. Use TWAIN Device.


For more information about TWAIN, follow this link.

TWAIN device is a set of software included in the scanner or printer scanner that has the capability more than a normal scanner does. What do I meant? I mean, the normal scanner just scan the image to colored, grayscale or black and white, crop it and set the resolution. But the TWAIN device has more features that this. And luckily it includes the capability to make the gray to white again! Good look as new. And I will teach you how to dougie… 🙂 I mean to do it!

Of course you open your printer scanner and make sure it is properly installed. You will notice a scanner icon in My computer if the scanner is properly installed.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop. Select File and choose Import and select your printer scanner/device.

scan 02_2

2. This will load the twain device. Depending on the device. Sometimes its automatic, sometimes you need to press scan. Try it on your device.

3. After that it will load the scanned file in full white. Have a look!

scan differences

For some instances, it will not show you a full white version of the file. But luckily still because you dont need a lot of editing before re-printng or publishing takes place on the file.

So long, net lovers!



MS Office Error: has not been installed for current user

October 30, 2013

This is an MS Office Error. In the levels of Errors, I can rank it as Annoying ONe! 🙂 Annoying because it has nothing to do with the stated error title “HAS NOT BEEN INSTALLED FOR THE CURRENT USER”. Because when you installed Office, there are not other options to install it on different users.


I search on the net, and I found out the answer. The answer is. This copy of MS Word doesnt not supported Genuine Copy of serial indicated. Maybe it can be a hack version from an unspecified websites the provide fake ones. As a solution, I installed the Original copy of MS Office 2007 and it works

So long, net lovers!



Mic test on PC before using Video Chat Softwares

October 30, 2013

For this tutorial, I will teach you from a newly reformat pc using Windows XP. Once you follow the procedure, It will be easily for you to apply it in Windows 7 or latest versions.

Requirements; Sound Drivers, Headset already attached, Realtek Audio Drivers 
Topic Level: Advance***

One day, I was browsing the net when one of my clients call me and as me for help. She is using Skype since the  PC has been reformatted. Until one day, she woke up and notice that there is not sound that she hears when she began to speak in her camera. I began to pack-up my reformat tools and proceed to their home for a checkup.

At the first time I seated for just a second, I notice that the Sound icon at the taskbar have been lost, and there is no sound entering also in speakers even I play a music using a media player. I began to analyze the facts I have observed until I notice the following.


Take note that your motherboard has all the capabilities in making the system works in a better performance If and only you installed its drivers. Without it, your MB is nothing.

So at first, I installed the Drivers and test the mic sounds.

1. Download and install all the audio drivers based in MB specs.

01 chipset must be installed firstChipset Drivers is the set of drivers from Intel that includes the capabilities to function all expansion card inside the motherboards.

02 so their will be no problem with sound driver installation

IDT is the Sound Driver of the PC and REALTEK WDM is an audio codec

For more information about codecs, please click here.

Most of the time, your motherboard includes a CD/DVD where it includes the set of drivers needed for your PC. Unless you lost or misplace it, it’s available for free in the Internet.

2. After installation, restart you system.

3. Once the audio drivers is installed, look at the taskbar if you notice sound icon. And then double click it and it will display the platform. Inside of it, you must notice a MIC option included in it.

04 sound drivers installed

3.  Increase its volume slider to the highest.

4. But wait, make sure before doing so after the you restart the system, your headset is already installed. Place the pink jack to the pick port and the green jack to the green port in either the front or at the back of the PC.


Now for the MIC Test Settings.

4. Look for Control Panel.

  • Type Control panel at the address bar on the top of the My Computer Window,
  • Expand Change Settings in System Task at the side of My Computer Window
  • Expand Other Places and click Control Panel
  • Type control panel in run command

5. Now pick a category, choose Sounds

05 sound settings

6. Click Sound and Audio Device.

06 sound settings 2

7. On the volume Tab switch to Voice.

06 volume

07 voice

8. Click Test Hardware…

08 test hardware

9. Wait till the test hardware loads…

09 test hardware_loading

10. Now in the Speaker Test, you will notice that the Recording indicator will goes up as you speak. The next time you click next there must be no error. Because if it  has, the cable attached begun to loose on its port. You need some adjustments.

10 record 02

it must look like this instead of error.

11 record 04

After the test, have it still open. Don’t click  next yet and try your Skype Video Chat if its working properly.

For this tutorial, I have not include the installation of camera and audio drivers for the simplicity of the contents. But take note that all of them are preliminary before the following instructions must be followed. Thank you.

So long, net lovers!



reduce photoshop filesize by hiding contents

September 13, 2013

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop (any versions)
TOPIC LEVEL: Beginner*

Here’s a quick tip for Photoshop lovers to reduce photoshop file size.

Do you know that you can reduce the filesize of PSD file by hiding its contents.

Hiding means clicking the eye button and display a transparent or white background after the photoshop loads the file.

Here’s the trick:

1. Open up the folder of your chosen source of photoshop file

open psd 01

You will notice that the original file size is 16.4 mb. Click the file and press Open.

2. Now that the file is open, go to Window -> Layers.

open psd 02

3. You will notice an eye button beside the layer’s name. Just click all the eyes including background layer. You file must be look like this.

open psd 03

4. Save the file by pressing Ctrl + S.

5. Go back where the file is located, and mouseover and look for the file size. It changes to 11.9mb.

open psd 04

This is trick is great for those who having a hard time opening files in photoshop because of system requirements and also for those who just want to be wise and get more disk space as possible.

Goodluck and so long Net lovers!



Handle variety of web and offline accounts

July 21, 2012

I’m a very fan of notepad. This tool has a lot of useful tricks and usage.
After my post regarding Notepad Security, I felt I want to expose more tricks here for the benefit of all of us.

This is a simple trick and security to all your web and offline accounts. To secure your accounts, you can use notepad and save it to dot sys file.

After opening  and creating a notepad file…

Use shortcut or txt message style to your text, so when someone accessed this, they will just said, Ah! This is a system file and must not be modified.


usr<space>:<space>name of your username e.g angelslover11

pwd<space>:<space>your password e.g.  iloveyou

eml<space>:<space>your email address e.g.

Add some lines to create gap from one account to other account





special force dfi




And save it to a dot sys account.

The advantage of notepad is eventhough you have a lot  of email accounts, offline and gaming accounts it doesnt acquired a lot of disk space. You can just save it for other application to use for. Because it’s just text, no effect and no other contents that requires a lot of RAM memory.  And most of all very very secured.

So long, net Lovers!



Distinguish values to get the exact color info

February 26, 2012

Requirements: CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop
TOPIC LEVEL: Advance***

Most of the time we find hard to find the exact color of the image.Eventhough, we know some of familiar colors like the so-called ROYGBIV (Red, Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet), we cannot apply such color in an image immediately using a mouse click. Like illustrated in this figure.

You will notice at first sight, you don’t know what is the color of the image. I said:”Ah! maybe it’s magenta”… My sister said:”No! it’s  brown”. Even in close view here in PC and in scan document, I cannot distinguish it also.

In Adobe Photoshop, we have a powerful tool to get the exact color of the image like the way you want it. It is called the eyedropper tool located at the tools palette of the application. Its function can be applied by using the tool itself and click in the location of the color you want to get.

Aside from that, you need to get the RGB and CMYK value of the image to get the exact color.

As you can see, the Color Picker gets the 4 fundamental values of color. The foreground color, hexadecimal, the RGB and the CMYK.  RGB stands for Red Green and Blue while CMYK stands for Cyan ,Magenta, Yellow and Black. The RGB Value is the screen resolution while the CMYK percentages are the printer’s ink colors. The RGB, Hexadecimal and CMYK values are proportional to foreground position.  When you adjust one of these values, automatically the position of the circle in the foreground color moves.

Every color we use in our daily work have its values. And using photoshop we can distinguish its values to get the exact color of a certain photo.

Now I get the color, what am I going to do? Hmmm..simple! The next thing is, proceed to the application that supports and read the value that we have in photoshop. Let’s try my favorite, CorelDraw.

Before we proceed, please take note that this next step is for CORELDRAW USERS only! OK!

Now, Open your document. For this example, I’m working on one of the official company ID of my client,

I recopy this image to illustrate the purpose of cross-reference between the two applications.

Now using Photoshop and Corel Draw, open this image in those two different application. Since this is an advance tutorial, no need to focus on how to open the document.


Once you open the document focus first in Photoshop. Use the eyedropper tool by clicking on it and in the picture itself. You will notice that once you click on the particular color, the foreground color change. Now click that foreground color. The color picker will appear. We will needs the color picker values to distinguish the unique and correct color between to different application.

As you look closely, you will notice that values included in the color picker are the values that are also included in Corel Draw environment. It’s up to you if you will use the RGB, CMYK, HSB or the Hexadecimal value.

Now let’s proceed to Corel Draw…


Press F6 to create a square beside the logo. And then double-click Fill color (bottom right corner). The one with X Mark.

Note: Actually, the colors at the corner are the CMYK colors pallete of of the fill color. But since the square is a new object and we will use a unidentified color, we will use this setting instead.

Now the Uniform Color will appear. This dialog box is equivalent to the Color Picker in Photoshop. You will notice the default values is CMYK.  But using the the dropdown list, you can choose RGB, HSB and others. Depends on your taste.

Back to Photoshop, copy the chosen type and values from the application to Corel. For example, if I choose the CMYK type with  34, 70, 54, 52 and paste it to the Uniform fill components value, you will notice that as you change the numbers, the cursor change place and the color change. Press OK to confirm changes.

That’s how you get the right color!

So long, net Lovers!



Help Me… Photoshop Text Change.

September 9, 2008

TOPIC LEVEL: Intermediate**
Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

1. Error Message:

2. Text is missing…

3. Solution: You will need to install the missing font.

4. Go to Start menu -> Run

5. Type fonts.

6. Locate the file of your text font and paste it in the system fonts folder.

7. Close your project and open it again once fonts has been successfully installed.


Most of the time, this error comes to all PC secured and installed by the so called Deep Freeze. Because, Any settings that you create once it was frozen is no effect upon restarting your pc. So, keep in mind that you must thawed your Deep Freeze before you install font .

Not familiar with Deep Freeze? Click here to know more…

Another reason is “FONT IS NOT INSTALLED” on the other PC you are using.

You made the designs etc., and then inserted your flash drive to other PC and then you notice that text change but the font name is still intact on your document. For this situation, it is advisable to copy the font name to your flash drive or download the name of the font in your trusted search engine websites and install it! For more detailed info about the installation procedure,  proceed here.

So long, net lovers!


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