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Change the volume of your audio/video file

October 30, 2013

Requirements: Windows Movie Maker (XP Versions only)
TOPIC LEVEL: Beginner*

Simple when heard but do you know that not all software supported this option. That’s why even its simplicity on the fact are intensive for others.

For example at one time, while i was doing some audio remixes of requested list of my client, I notice that I don’t have any program to change the volume of the song. I look at desktop shortcuts and start menu icons to look for one. I found one, that is the part of Nero 7.0 Multimedia. After this experience, I use Movie Maker. More simple and more faster! And I show in a few moments how to do it!

OK let’s start!


First all, you need a the Windows Movie Maker of course. Any version will do except for windows 7 and 8. Because they made ultimate changes in the software stated. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will just say a few things how to do the tutorial. But because even I having a hard time finding a free version of the software, I encourage you to proceed only if you have Windows Movie Maker already installed in your system. I am using a portable version given by my friend.

01 movie maker

1. Open Windows Movie Maker.

2. Look at the bottom of the page and select Show Timeline.

02 show timeline

3. Now drag or insert an audio or video. For this tutorial, we will insert an audio. But I will give you a preview of video later.

03 drag audio from storyboard

4. Press Ctrl + I or go to FIle -> Import to Collections. Look on your system for an audio type file. All non audio type will not be displayed unless you click All files in the extensions list.

04 import or drag05 import file based in extensions

The list of non Microsoft audio extension will not be displayed also.

5. Now the audio is included in the collections. Let’s drag it. Drag it at the Timeline below.

06 prepare to drag

07 drag the audio

6. Now the audio is already placed, select the audio, right click and select volume.

08 audio volume stated

09 volume selected

7. Adjust the volume just a little bit to the right because a little adjustments give the audio a big enhancement on the file.

10 volume adjustment indicated

And your done!

11 volume changed final

For the Video, just click the Expand button and the same procedure applies.

13 expand

12 video volume

So long, Net Lovers!


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